Our Identity

Stylistville embodies a broader mission akin to a ministry. In this context, we recognise two key functions: fulfilling our own mission and empowering others to pursue theirs. 

At Stylistville, we specialize in activating and promoting the missions of others, extending beyond our organizational boundaries. We are driven by a calling to equip individuals and activate the divine purposes they carry within them. Our belief extends beyond a higher power to include a deep faith in the potential of every person.

We embrace a mindset of resilience and innovation, consistently surpassing challenges and limitations. We invite you to join us in embracing Your domain and seizing the opportunities for growth and empowerment that it offers.

Our Services

                                   STYLISTVILLE INC

As Visionaries at Stylistville Inc Company, we are lead experts specialisng in PR Consultancy, Fashion Styling, and Image Consulting. Stylistville PR firms work alongside individuals from the worlds of entertainment, film, television, sport, business and more, providing top-class celebrity public relations that ensures their public image remains positive as well as promising newcomers in everything.

Stylistville has been an architect of the national conversation. We believe in the power of storytelling, messaging and communication, whatever the platform or delivery system

At Stylistville, we design custom PR campaigns that promote the work you want to be known for, working alongside you to shape public perception through all forms of media. We help develop and support your  mission, including brand strategy, media placements and internal and external communications and PR, content and campaign development, as well as your social impact.

In 2023, Karl Lagerfeld extended an invitation to our eco Alice-Monica to explore collaborative possibilities between KL andInstagram for the upcoming MET event. The crux of this collaboration centered around integrating Karl Lagerfeld'sthematic vision into both the exhibition and gala, aimed at presenting a unique and compelling opportunity for joint creative endeavors between the two entities.

Our work graced the glossy pages of esteemed international publications, includingVogue, Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, and Numero, Stylist, O.K magazine while her client roster boasts an impressive array of A-list celebrities, from Katy Perry and many notable figures.From styling star-studded events like London Fashion Week to spearheading advertising campaigns for global brands. 


✓ Fashion Styling

✓ Image Consulting

✓ Building brand awareness and full PR messaging and strategy formulations

✓ Creating press materials, including media alerts, press releases, bios, and fact sheets

✓ Driving media buzz through digital, print, radio, podcast, and TV broadcast placements

✓ Manual research and building of target media list

✓ Media Relations

✓ Outreach for speaking engagements and partnership opportunities

✓ Personal PR

✓ Personalsed media outreach and story pitching

✓ Talent Relations

  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • TV Personality
  • Music 
  • Wine and Beverages
  • And More!

                                                               Our CEO

Alice-Monica stands as a formidable presence in the fashion industry, serving as a versatile Creative Consultant, Stylist, and Brand Strategist. With a meteoric rise, she has swiftly carved a nichefor herself, propelled by her innate talent and unwavering passion for the craft. 

Her journey into the world of fashion began in 2011 with invaluable apprenticeships under luminaries such as Bea Åkerlund and Veronique Tristan, where she absorbed insights and refined her skills. Guided by the esteemed Panos Yiapanis team, renowned for collaborations with fashion titans like Owens, Givenchy, Chanel, Dolce and Gabbana. Alice-Monica honed her craft, shaping her distinctive aesthetic along the way.

Alice-Monica's multifaceted background in Art, Textile, Fashion Design, Styling and Science sets her apart as a true polymath in her field. 

Her influence extends to the realms of film and music, having collaborated with Atlantic Records and leaving an indelible mark on prestigious events like the MTV VMA.

In 2018, Alice-Monica's talents served as a Costume Designer for the acclaimed film "Rocks,"earning widespread acclaim and 7 multiple award nominations at the British Academy Film Awards. In 2022, LadyGaga welcomed the Rising Star winner to the BAFTA Awards stage, where the member of the "Rocks" cast proudly presented the coveted gong.